Tungsten Tipped
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Coolant is an important but often overlooked element in metal sawing. The effect it has on production rates, surface finish and blade life is considerable. To get the best from both machines and blades it is vital that the coolant is formulated specifically for metal sawing. It must contain the necessary components to do its job effectively but without harmfull effects on the operators or on the environment. SAWMATIC has put together a modern program of coolants and accessories that brings together all of these requirements. Proving the advantages of one coolant over another can be difficult, but get it right and the benefits in blade life and production rates will outweigh anything you spend on these products.    
SPRAYCUT LITE: High quality lubricant for ferrous & non ferrous metal cutting. Use in  micromist or venturi systems. Low viscosity 15 cst for low pressure systems or long pipe runs.